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Company Presentation

Our journey began in 1948 in Nea Erythraia at the first VENETIS bakery. Since then, our company has been committed to producing and offering bakery and pastry products with an absolute dedication to tradition, quality, and customer service. In 1994, we introduced our first franchise-operated store. In 2002, under new management, we implemented a modern, comprehensive development program focusing on quality enhancement across all sectors while concurrently reorganizing all our services.

Today, VENETIS operates a network of 110 points of sale, known as VENETIS Bakeries. Sixty-five of them operate under the franchise method, and 45 belong to the company. Our presence in closed markets is also significant.

Looking ahead and creating new development prospects, the company is oriented toward an ambitious plan to expand and diversify the sales network throughout Greece. This development plan combines corporate investments in renovations, the creation of new corporate stores, and new partnerships through the franchise system.

In 2010, VENETI once again pioneered by introducing a new store concept. The VENETI FOOD HALL in Gerakas is the first space with integrated culinary proposals covering every consumer need: complete breakfast, rich coffee varieties, beverages, renowned sweets, and, for the first time, delicious, healthy, homemade food from Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, crafted by the renowned chef Giannis Tzelepis. All this is offered at very affordable prices. The new store also features the finest products from VENETIS stores and a new line of nutritionally valuable bakery products, making their debut in the Greek market.

The company’s headquarters and production unit are located in Lykovrysi, Attica, housed in modern, privately-owned facilities covering an area of 14,000 square meters.

VENETIS S.A. is fully committed to ensuring the excellent quality of its products and the effective and continuous service of its customers. It has established and adheres to a certified Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the strict specifications and requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system. Moreover, it complies with the Greek standard ELOT 1416:DEC 2000. These certifications aim to ensure the stable and high quality of the products and services, following all European Union guidelines and the Food and Beverage Code.

A Wide Variety of Products

At all points of sale in our network, consumers can find a plethora of fresh, high-quality products at exceptional prices, including:
Bakery products, Bagels, Breadsticks, Cookies, Rusks, Pastries, Croissants, Hot and cold sandwiches, Sweets and pastry products, Frozen dough, Ice creams, Ready made meals, Pizzas, Puff pastry, Coffees and beverages, Dairy and refrigerated products, Soft drinks, Juices, Wines, Drinks, Mini market products, Catering services and more.

Our Values… Our Vision

If we were to encapsulate some key points of our vision and values, we would say:

  • “We aspire to lead in the creation and provision of bakery and pastry products, making our stores the first choice for consumers”.
  • “We aim for our tastes, freshness, traditional recipes, pure ingredients, quality, and product variety to position us first in the hearts of our customers through friendly and high-quality daily service.”
  • “Ensuring the continuous and profitable growth of our company and network, delivering value to our shareholders and partners, is our commitment.”
  • “We strive to drive advancements in our industry, promoting the concept of proper nutrition, contributing to the societal quality of life.”
  • “Establishing relationships of trust and proper collaboration with our suppliers, seeking mutual benefits, is our objective.”
  • “We build and rely on a robust environment of mutual trust, recognition, and reward for the contribution of our people, continuous support of our franchisees, aiming to contribute continually to their positive progress, development, and prosperity.”
  • “We feel that we belong to a large family and take pride in the fact that <VENETIS> is part of our life.”

With a long and catalytic journey, the name VENETIS means much more than bakery and confectionery products… It signifies:

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  • Trust
  • Preservation of tradition
  • Reciprocity
  • Simplicity
  • Collaboration
  • Self-confidence
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Integrity
  • Variety of products
  • Customer dedication
  • Impeccable service
  • Reliability
  • Focus on quality
  • Focus on added value


These are the genuine values that have established the name VENETIS as the top choice of the consumer audience

Qualities Required for Owning a “VENETIS”

  • Our company is searching for independent entrepreneurs (both men and women) aged approximately 24-45 years who wish to own and manage their own business in Greece through a successful franchising system.
  • The company prefers the candidate licensee to personally engage (self-employment) in his business, having both the financial means and time, as well as the required enthusiasm for work. To dedicate the majority of his time and efforts to the management and operation of the store, seeking the greatest possible benefit for the store and the franchising system.
  • Ideally, candidates should be graduates in bakery and pastry schools. Previous experience in bakery or hospitality is preferred but not mandatory.
  • The ability to finance the investment from own funds or, at least, if it proceeds with a loan or financing, to have the capacity to cover personal needs, especially during the first months of the investment, is also considered significant. The locality of the candidate is also a crucial factor. Candidates are sought to have a good reputation and connections within their local community.
  • The candidate should possess dynamism, a strong personality, and an outgoing character. Honesty, reliability, and commitment are crucial. Having a business-oriented mindset, administrative and organizational skills, a practical mindset, and making every possible effort for the daily management of the business are essential qualities. They should be capable of managing human resources, recruiting, selecting, and hiring employees. Not only should they be good at learning new things, but they should also be capable of mobilizing and educating others.
  • Familiarity with retail sales and a willingness to serve customers is desired.
  • Desiring to follow a common path, able to function in an organized environment, and believing in the power of teamwork and collective effort. Following specifications, guidelines, and terms of operation and collaboration. Capable of listening, receptive to improvements, able to adapt to changes, and adjust to the pace of the market and competition. Determined to work within the framework of the franchising method.
  • A determination to work long hours with the goal of achieving success for their business. The company is looking for a partner with strong motivation and the will to succeed. The candidate should take pride in being part of the “VENETI” network, representing its values, and contributing positively to customers, the local market, and the network. Candidate with confidence and enthusiasm for the product and services he will be empowered to promote.
  • The candidate Baker, once selected, must successfully complete a rigorous training program, the duration of which depends on the candidate’s progress and verification by the company that the candidate is adequately trained to open and operate a ‘VENEΤIS’ store.

Additionally, our company offers special support and financing programs for graduates of bakery and pastry schools.

Choosing a Store. A Place Where Quality Meets Tradition

  • The ideal store should be located in the commercial center or in close proximity, preferably along a major pedestrian or high-traffic road in the respective area of interest. The location should be pivotal, visible, and easily accessible to the consumer,
    with sufficient and easily reachable parking spaces.
    It should cover an area of at least 100 sq.m. – 130 sq.m. excluding auxiliary spaces.
  • The investment cost for setting up a “VENETIS” store, including construction, layout, organization, mechanical, electrical, electronic equipment, computerization, signaling, and the cost of the first stock, starts from approximately €160,000.
  • Each store is designed in accordance with the strict construction, layout, organization, and equipment guidelines of the company.
  • Each “VENETIS” store must be characterized by freshness, quality, variety, cleanliness, organization of the display areas and the possibility of visual access to the preparation spaces. The aroma of bread should be intense, emanating a traditional sense from the building materials and products. The feeling of care should be pervasive, offering the freedom of choice. Around the cashier or in points very close to the customers, there should be samples for tastings.
  • For successful operation, this store model requires at least three (3) individuals in addition to the Store Manager (preferably the entrepreneur). The number of staff is directly related to the dynamics of the local market, customer influx, and business volume.
  • For the supply of the store, a transport vehicle that meets the specifications set by the respective applicable rules for the transportation of bakery products and food in general is required.
    The store operates daily, without interruption on Sundays and holidays, from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (including store preparation activities), according to the specifications set by the franchisor.

Summary of Key Metrics.

Store Size : 60 – 130 sq.m. (excluding auxiliary spaces)
Investment Cost : From €160,000
Entry fee : 15.000 €
Royalties : NO
Marketing fee : 2% on net wholesale purchases, equivalent to approximately 0.5% on retail sales.

*The above prices do not include VAT.

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