Balanced Nutrition

In recent years, proper nutrition has played an increasingly crucial role in people’s daily lives. At the European level, there is now a widespread awareness towards improving information and promoting the consumption of healthy foods. Conditions such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, obesity, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and various forms of cancer have been correlated with dietary errors.

A growing percentage of the population now tends to prioritize the consumption of healthy foods that not only do not compromise their health but are also suitable for their specific conditions. It is a fact that citizens have developed nutritional awareness in recent years, becoming more selective in their dietary choices and stricter judges of the foods recommended to them.

All these, along with a large number of studies correlating human nutrition with physical health, have led many food production and distribution companies to focus not only on the safety of the foods they produce or distribute but also on whether their food constitutes a healthy solution or is suitable for specific groups of people, such as those suffering from diabetes, obesity, renal disorders, hyperlipidemia, and more.

VENETIS Products. High Nutritional Value Products.

Taking into account the modern way of life, living conditions, and with a strong sense of responsibility and social care, VENETIS has been collaborating with nutritionists-dietitians in recent years to offer fresh and healthy products to consumers.

Specifically, the company collaborates with the scientific team of dietitians at MEDIDIATROFI to ensure that its products are prepared with a focus on consumer health, nutrition, and the utilization of the nutritional components of natural products.

It must be understood that the usefulness and nutritional value of a product / food are related to the ingredients used to prepare it.

VENETIS, with the primary principle of producing and distributing foods from pure materials and beneficial components for the human body, has created a range of products with passion but above all with respect for the consumer and their health.

Edited by:

Ioannis M. Soupios
Clinical Dietitian – Nutritionist (B.Sc)
Dip. In Eating Disorders & Obesity (NCFED)
Scientific Director MEDIDIATROFIScientific supervision is provided by the scientific team of dietitians at MEDIDIATROFI.

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