Products with Nutritional Value

Genovese Olive

All the nutritional value of the olive in a snack delight! Crafted with pure ingredients that encompass significant sources of

Low Glycemic Index Bread

BREAD with a low glycemic index Bread with a low glycemic index (54) and low in sugars (2g/100g). Comparing this

Athlete’s Loaf

The completely healthy proposal for extra energy. “Energy for your body, from a multigrain pastry rich in plant fibers and

Pelionian Pumpkin Pie

All the vegetables and herbs of Greek nature in one meal. It contains a wide variety of plant products and

Critsini Olive – Carrot

Never has a snack been so nutritious and so tasty! It contains materials, particularly beneficial with rich nutritional value. A

Venetian with Carob

A special nutritional proposal from Venetis Bakery. A star product in taste and nutrition. Careful ingredients to fill you with

Fasting Spinach Pie

Discover the high nutritional value of a traditional food. A Greek product, of particular value… nutritionally, nationally and in taste.

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