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Collaboration of VENETIS with Smaragda Karydi and Thodoris Atheridis

Christmas Products by VENETIS

New Basilopita Macaroon with Pomegranate Flavor

VENETIS begins a two-year collaboration with Smaragda Karydi and Thodoris Atheridis. The two actors, who will be the protagonists of the campaign for all VENETIS products, made their first appearance at the BENETH pastry shop at the ‘Greece Taste Festival’ by Athens Voice on December 6.

The actor duo tasted VENETIS Christmas delights and cut one of the two new basilopita cakes macaroons with pomegranate flavor presented during the festival. The two new basilopita cakes macaroons with pomegranate flavor are available with chocolate or white chocolate topping.

As every year, VENETIS offers a variety of delicious sweets for the holiday season at the best market prices. Emphasizing tradition and discovering new flavors through the combination of pure ingredients, VENETIS proposes a range of delightful taste options for this year’s Christmas.

Fresh traditional kourabiedes are complemented by kourabiedes mousse chocolat with chocolate filling, kourabiedes with milk chocolate coating, and kourabiedes with powdered sugar and chocolate.

The delicious traditional melomakarona by VENETIS with walnuts and honey continue to impress this Christmas, not only with their taste but also with their starting price of €9.95 per kilogram for the classic size. The variety of melomakarona is enriched with mini melomakarona as well as new creative recipes such as melomakarona with chocolate coating and grated Aegina pistachio or melomakarona with milk chocolate coating and grated walnut.

Traditionally, the New Year begins with good luck with a VENETIS Vasilopita.

In addition to the new basilopita macaroon with pomegranate flavor, VENETIS welcomes 2015 with many different Basilopitas: Vasilopita cake with orange flavor, Vasilopita with milk chocolate coating, “Almond” Vasilopita based on the traditional recipe with almond pieces, the traditional tsoureki-style Vasilopita cake with dough from tsoureki and basic ingredients of mahlepi and mastic, and Smyrna-style Vasilopita based on a traditional Smyrna recipe with cinnamon, clove, and marzipan topping.

In the festive atmosphere, VENETIS enriches the holiday pleasures with traditional and twisted diples as well as three types of log cakes: chestnut-flavored log, Christmas fruit log, and Smyrna Christmas log.

A Few Words About VENETIS Company

VENETIS company started its activity in 1948 when the first VENETIS Bakery Venetis Bakery.Since then, the company has played a leading role in the production and distribution of bread and pastry products, with absolute commitment to tradition, quality, and excellent customer service. Today, after 67 years of steady presence and continuous development, VENETIS operates in both closed and open markets, having developed an extensive network of stores distributing bakery products, sweets, and all kinds of bakery, confectionery, and related items.

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