“Venetis from the Heart”

In response to the huge needs of the Greek society, VENETIS Company has enacted the policy “VENETIS from the Heart”: After 10 pm in every single VENETIS shop, every daily product is offered for free to every person in need.

Free bread for those more vulnerable

In July 2015 when banks ceased their operations due to capital controls, our Company wanting to support the Greek family, offered free bread to pensioners, unemployed, to those having many children and to the needy in every shop. In total, 194.000 loafs of breadwere offered until banks re-opened.

Since then, VENETIS has continued this action towards the ones in need, during holiday season to ensure that no fellow citizen finds himself in lack of a basic necessity such as bread.

“No portion of food wasted”

VENETIS Company is participating in the Network of Rescue and Offer of Food “We Can”, supporting in action the message “No portion of food wasted”.

Only during 2019, our Company has offered 216.122 portions of food, raising food support to various charity organizations throughout Greece.

VENETIS & Sports

– Sponsor of Apollon Smyrnis F.C.

– Sponsor of the Pefki Municipality Chess Team

– Proud sponsor to a series of other sports events

VENETIS & Culture

– Cooperation with the Benaki Museum

Steady Cooperation with the Photo Archives of the Benaki Museum, presenting exhibitions in the VENETIS “Neon” space in Omonoia Square.

– Restoration and operation of buildings with historical importance

Aiming to the preservation of our cultural heritage, our company is investing in restoration and operation of historical buildings with high architectural value.

2013 – NEON / Omonia. The VENETI 1948 store operates with absolute respect for the building’s architecture and history. An initiative that brought life back to the historic square and contributed to the promotion of business activity in the degraded center of Athens.

2021 Bagion/ GREAT Omonia. The VENETI store operates in the emblematic building of the German architect Ernesto Ziller. The revival of a great example of Athenian architecture, which had been left to the decay of time.

The company has already rented and will revive two more architectural monuments of Athens.

Alexander the Great Hotel / Omonoia Square.

Building in Milioni street, Kolonaki. A representative sample of modern architecture, where “Jackson’s Hall” used to be housed.