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CREMERIA: The First Boutique Dairy in Kifissia





A new store concept, CREMERIA VENETI is introduced by the VENETIS company to the catering market as part of its development program for 2021. The first CREMERIA VENETI was recently opened in Kifissia at 110 Tatoiou Street, while at the same time the operation of three Cremeria points started within three large BENETIS 1948 stores, in Chania, Filothei and Kato Kifissia. It is estimated that a total of ten CREMERIA VENETI stores will open in Attica in 2021.

CREMERIA VENETI offers the consumer traditional flavors and excellent quality products with fresh milk as the main ingredient.

The new store functions as a dairy, patisserie and gelateria and enables the consumer to purchase products produced at the time. This is a new boutique dairy chain with upgraded services in the field of dairy products from artisanal Greek milk farms.

In the new store model, one can find excellent quality dairy products, yogurts, creams and rice milk as well as gelateria products such as packaged ice cream, in kilo form, ice cream cakes, in a wide variety of Italian and Greek flavors.

The consumer is also offered the possibility to order and watch a fresh dessert of the moment being prepared in front of him: a “living” mille feuille, a profiterole “of the hour”, a chocolate mousse or a cake of his choice, offered at the moment of creation them from pure, high-quality materials.

CREMERIA VENETI also has daily fruit tartlets, natural juices and Italian coffee.



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