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Development program of the VENETIS company for 2021


Development program of the VENETIS company for 2021
Entering the retailmarketwith VENETISFAMILY products
Two newconceptstores in the dining market
Expansion of the store network

Two new store concepts, entry into the supermarket market and expansion of the VENETIS network, foresees the development program of the VENETIS company for 2021, after a difficult financial situation due to the pandemic. The company, which completes 73 years of operation in the market this year, adjusts its strategy and proceeds flexibly with new ideas and business moves with the aim of its future development.

The development program of the VENETIS company for 2021 is carried out with equity capital and provides for:

  1. Entering the retail market with the VENETIS FAMILY series of products.
  2. Expansion in the catering area with the creation of two new concept stores, CREMERIA VENETIS and VENETI GO.
  3. VENETIS GREAT, a “pilot” store concept for expansion abroad.
  4. Expansion of the VENETIS store network.


The VENETI company makes a dynamic penetration into the retail market by launching the new VENETIS FAMILY product line. These are ready-made VENETI products that the consumer can find on supermarket shelves and prepare himself.

The new VENETIS FAMILY, high-quality artisanal products, will be available at selected points of sale at a price 25-40% lower than the stores and, in this way, the consumer will be able to create the flavors of VENETI at home.

As early as March, the first four VENETIS FAMILY frozen products will be placed on supermarket shelves: Politiko Galaktoboureko, GiannotikoGiannotikos Baklavas, Smyrna Galaktoboureko with kataifi and Politikos Baklavas. These are four traditional syrupy sweets that have been handed down from generation to generation and are disappearing. VENETI’s goal is to remain in our taste options, in an easy and modern way.

The production of other frozen products follows, while soon one will find fresh VENETIS FAMILY products as well as HORECA VENETI FAMILY products on supermarket shelves.

The goal of the VENETI company is also the exports of the VENETIS FAMILY abroad, and in particular to countries where there is a large population presence of expatriate Greeks, such as Canada, the USA, Australia and Germany.


The company VENETI introduces two new store concepts, CREMERIA VENETIS and VENETIS GO, to the catering market, in order to cover the entire range of consumer needs, at any time of the day.


CREMERIA VENETIS, the Boutique Dairy of the VENETI company, offers the consumer traditional flavors and products with fresh milk as the main ingredient. CREMERIA VENETIS will operate as a dairy, patisserie and gelateria and will enable the consumer to order and obtain products produced at that moment.

The first CREMERIA VENETIS will start its operation in Kifissia (Tatoiou Street 110) while it is estimated that a total of ten CREMERIA VENETI stores will open in Attica in 2021, provided that the market returns to normality.


VENETI GO are the new proposal of the VENETIS company to meet the small needs of the consumer for products of his daily life. These are small refreshment bars with quick service that will offer a specific range of products such as quick snacks, drinks, varieties of coffee, natural juices and sandwiches.

Due to the low investment cost, the VENETI GO concept is intended to operate exclusively with the franchising method and aims to stimulate the market and give opportunities to new franchisees who do not have high capital. In fact, the company will offer financial programs specifically for young people, with the sole criteria being age and previous experience in the field of catering, bakery, confectionery or beverages.


A “pilot” concept store for expansion abroad

VENETI GREAT is a “pilot” store model developed by the company in order to export a concept with Greek flavors abroad and in particular to the markets of Great Britain, the USA and the Arab countries.

VENETI GREAT started its operation in Bagion in Omonia, in July 2020 and is VENETI’s proposal to meet the consumer’s needs for quality and fast catering. It is a fast food restaurant with high quality Greek flavors, in a multi-purpose Shop in Shop that houses 10 different catering concepts.

Due to the measures during the pandemic period, VENETI GREAT suspended its activity in December and is expected to reopen once the market normalizes.


The VENETIS company’s investment program for 2021 also foresees a significant expansion of its network of stores. After the three new BENETIS FOOD HALLs in Ν. Ionia, in Argyroupoli and Burnazi, the new VENETIS 1948 has just started its operation in Filothei. It is a VENETIS 1948 store of more than 500 sq.m., total investment of €2.5 million.

Today, the VENETIS Group lists 10 companies across the catering spectrum while the brand’s retail sales exceeded, in the pre-Covid-19 era, €100 million. In 2019, the Group’s turnover amounted to €47,424,000 and profitability to €6,140,000. As for the 2020 financial figures, they will be finalized in July 2021 and published in September. However, according to safe forecasts, the turnover of the Group for 2020 is expected to reach €36,100,000, marking a drop of 24% compared to 2019.

Finally, it is worth noting that throughout the ten months of the Covid 19 pandemic, the company did not proceed with layoffs or salary reductions, while the number of employees of the Group remains 1750 people, as in the pre-Covid era.


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