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Exhibition “Photographic traces from Greek antiquities” in VENETIS 1948 at NEON in collaboration with the Photographic Archives of the Benaki Museum

The BENETI company collaborates for the third year with the Photographic Archives of the Benaki Museum, presenting a photography exhibition on the premises of VENETIS 1948 at the historic cafe NEON in Omonia.

After the exhibitions “ATHENS 1865 – 1970” in 2013 and “The Life Cycle of Bread” in 2015, the new exhibition entitled “Photographic Traces from Greek Antiquities” offers the public of Athens a display of images on the theme of ancient monuments located in Greek territory.

Through the photographs, the viewer travels both to the mainland and to the island country, observing antiquities, more or less popular, but of the same priceless cultural value. The photographs date from 1925 to the early 1960s and come from important Greek photographers whose archives are kept in the Benaki Museum collections.

The exhibition includes forty-five photographs with subjects of ancient monuments from most of the Greek territory, both the mainland and the island country. The rock of the Acropolis occupies a large part of the exhibition, together with the main monuments of Athens, such as the columns of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Agora, the Kerameikos, the Thision, etc. The exhibition, however, seeks to highlight the monuments of the Region, such as the ancient theater of Philippi in Kavala, the archaeological site of Eleusis or the Sanctuary of the Great Gods in Samothrace.

The historical significance of these photographs, along with their artistic dimension, give the visitor the impetus to think about the traces that time leaves on the monuments, the traces that the ancient Greek ideal leaves over the centuries as well as the trace that it leaves today our country in the making of history.

Curator of the exhibition: Georgia Imsiridou, Leonidas Kourgiantakis Benaki Museum Photographic Archives

Exhibition duration: December 31, 2017

Free entrance

The exhibition is open to the public during the opening hours of the VENETI 1948 store in NEON

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