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Extensive Variety of Lenten and Easter Products at VENETIS Bakery

Tsoureki starting from 4.95 euros and chocolate Easter eggs from 3.95 euros.

VENETIS Bakery offers over 60 Lenten products during the peak of Lent. Each VENETIS store has a specially crafted corner with a variety of exquisite products and flavors for the days of Lent, always emphasizing tradition and the combination of the purest ingredients with fresh raw materials. The range includes a wide selection of baked goods, delicious croissant products, cold sandwiches, a large variety of sweets, multiple flavors of bagels, cookies & crackers, and a range of breakfast products.

For lunch, there is also a rich variety of Lenten daily dishes based on recipes from Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, with the signature touch of Chef Giannis Tzelepis.

During the Easter period, VENETIS recommends a rich selection of delightful Easter proposals and multiple flavors of fluffy tsourekia, such as the classic Constantinople tsoureki, the chocolate and walnut tsoureki, and the delicious apple and caramel tsoureki. Additionally, traditionally at VENETI, you will find a wide variety of chocolate eggs, tasty Easter cookies, and the traditional sweet bread, lamprokouloura, on Holy Saturday.

It is worth noting that, in the spirit of the season, the prices of VENETIS tsourekia start from 4.95 euros, while chocolate eggs start from 3.95 euros.

A Few Words About VENETIS Company

VENETIS started its activity in 1948 when the first VENETIS Bakery opened its doors in Kifisia. Since then, the company has played a leading role in the production and distribution of bread and pastry products, with absolute dedication to tradition, quality, and excellent customer service. Today, after 68 years of steadfast presence and continuous growth, VENETI operates in both closed and open markets, having developed an extensive network of stores for the distribution of bakery products, sweets, and all kinds of bakery, confectionery, and related items.

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