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HISTORY "In the beginning, there was bread..."

75 years and not a single wrinkle The Art of Taste and the Science of Success Converge at Veneti's.

“When since 1948 you have successfully ‘fermented’ tradition with evolution, you rightfully occupy the first place in the hearts of consumers and the market.”

The history of the VENETIS group has been fermenting in the hands of its creators and reaching the hearts of consumers for 75 years. Synonymous with taste, variety, and innovation, the brand VENETIS has now prevailed in the minds of consumers in the bakery and confectionery sector and has yielded results for its network of franchise partners.

THE BUSINESS MODEL VENETIS Bakery: A Modern Multi-Dining Area

The philosophy of the one-stop shop is what characterizes all the chain’s franchises. Modern shops, in every neighborhood, serving thousands of customers every day. Complete service 365 days a year, allowing customers to find what they desire at all hours of the day: a vast variety of bread, pastries, light meals, cooked dishes, desserts, coffee, and juices, as well as an extensive range of consumer goods, beverages, and packaged foods.

DESIGN The Environment, Space and Design are characterized by the following:

  • Modern, smart, highly functional open layout
  • Relaxing modern lighting, pleasant music and a nice aroma of fresh baking
  • Spacious lounge with tables and seats for relaxation, enjoyment, or even work.
  • Friendly and well-trained staff, ready to assist the visitors.

Support - Development - Success

Arming the partner franchisees with strong advantages, the group ensures the success and profitability of the business units, as long as there is full harmonization and integration into the VENETIS system.

With a multi-level and well-organized internal structure, the parent company provides ongoing training, comprehensive support and continuous business guidance to new franchisees, through the smooth running of its departments. Specifically, each new franchisee partner enjoys:

  • Property Search / Evaluation & Architectural Design / Construction with the possibility of turnkey delivery.
  • Initial Training of the franchisee and his/her team of associates
  • R&D + NPD: Research & Development along with New Product Creation
  • Support Network from Area Managers (production of products, beverages, store operation)
  • Advertising and Communication
  • Marketing Support: Marketing Support
  • Continuous Staff Training


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