International Franchise

Frequently Asked Questions

VENETIS offers international franchising opportunities through the Master Franchise model.
This method of franchising identifies a specific country or geography within a country and defines an agreed upon number of stores that must be built within the predetermined geography within a specific timeframe.

The franchisee in this method of franchising will have exclusive development rights to the predetermined geography for a defined period of time, usually 10 years.

The franchisee is given a development schedule that defines when each store must be opened.

Yes, they are equal to a % of the total net sales paid on a monthly basis.

All franchisees will be required to spend a minimum % of their net sales locally for advertising and marketing.

Franchisees who enter into a Master Franchise Agreement and who have “purchased” the Exclusive VENETI Rights for a specific country, will have to pay a Franchise Fee that will depend on the country in question. 50% of this amount will be due upon the signing of the Master Franchise Agreement.

It is extremely important for VENETIS to secure its brand image and to minimize any potential to lose brand integrity. Consequently, VEVETIS avoids granting the option to sub-franchise to any of its franchisees.