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To the VENETIS company, the dining areas of the National Gallery


To the VENETIS company, the dining areas of the National Gallery

A five-year contract was signed for the “Ilissos” refreshment bar and the “Parthenis” restaurant


Ektoras Botrini at the reins of the restaurant “Parthenis”

A contract with the National Gallery was signed by the company VENETIS, on whose basis it takes over the restaurant and the refreshment bar of the renovated building complex that was inaugurated on March 24, 2021. The duration of the contract is set at five years.

The new refreshment bar will be called “Ilissos” as it is imaginatively placed above the streaming bed of the river Ilissos, while the restaurant will bear the name “Parthenis” in honor of the painter Konstantinos Parthenis. At the helm of the new restaurant will be the distinguished Chef Ektoras Botrini.

In the bidding competition for the lease of the dining areas of the National Gallery announced on January 5, the offer of the VENETIS company prevailed by 80% compared to the second best.

According to the announcement, the company VENETIS leases the restaurant of 208.85 sq.m. on the 3rd floor of the second building with a panoramic view of Athens as well as the refreshment bar on the ground floor of the first building, with direct access to the outdoor surrounding area of the building complex. The refreshment room has a total interior space of 278.65 sq.m. and outdoor areas 281.50 sq.m.

The “Ilisos” refreshment bar and the “Parthenis” restaurant will operate simultaneously during the opening hours of the Art Gallery. However, the two areas can operate beyond the opening hours of the Gallery, as they have separate entrances.

Based on the contract, the VENETIS company will also exclusively provide catering services for third-party events on the premises of the Gallery.

The opening of the two venues will be announced soon.

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