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Lent at VENETIS Bakery

4 types of lagana & over 60 Lenten products.

All laganes will be available throughout Lent.

Traditionally, VENETIS Bakery suggests four types of lagana for Clean Monday, maintaining the high quality of its ingredients.

At every VENETIS Bakery, one can find Traditional Lagana, Lagana of Epirus, Bavarian Lagana, Olive-Onion Lagana, and Pepper-Tomato Lagana.

All laganes will be available throughout Lent.

For the days of Lent, each VENETIS Bakery offers over 60 exquisite sweet and savory fasting flavors, always emphasizing the blend of pure ingredients with fresh raw materials.

Among other things, in every VENETIS Bakery, customers can find vegetable pinirli, a wide range of baked goods, delicious croissanterie products, cold sandwiches, a variety of sweets, multiple flavors of bagels, and breadsticks, as well as a range of breakfast products.

VENETIS FOODHALL and VENETIS 1948, in addition to the above, also offer a wide range of portions of fresh Lenten food by Chef Giannis Tzelepis.

A Few Words About VENETIS Company

VENETIS Company started its activity in 1948 when the first VENETIS Bakery opened its doors in Kifisia.Since then, the company has played a leading role in the production and distribution of bread and confectionery products, with absolute dedication to tradition, quality, and excellent customer service. Today, after 67 years of steady presence and continuous development, VENETIS operates in both closed and open markets, having developed an extensive network of stores distributing bakery products, sweets, and all kinds of bakery, confectionery, and related items.

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