Our free-bread initiative reached its completion today

VENETIS free-bread

initiative for pensioners, large families, and unemployed and needy people reached a completion today

We have given away a total of 194.000 loaves

VENETI Bakery has until now given away a total of 194.000 loaves of free bread, to pensioners, large families, as well as unemployed and needy people. Our company’s initiative to give away free bread for helping Greek families during these difficult economic conditions reached a completion today, along with the banks reopening.

The types of loaves offered were: the Luxury Loaf, the Traditional Handmade loaf, the Petromilos Loaf and the Traditional Sesame loaf. Free bread was available all day long in all VENETI stores.

Our company will soon announce further initiatives for the support of needy people. In the meantime VENETI stores are still giving away for the needy all unsold fresh products of the day – every day after 10pm.