Venetis The company that changed the history of bakery in Greece.

Veneti, began its activity in 1948, when the first VENETI Bakery opened its doors in Nea Erithrea (nowadays Kifisia). We have been devoted to tradition, quality and offering excellent customer services. Since 1948, Veneti has been opening new paths to Greek gastronomy, offering daily top quality and delightful choices.

Innovative and tasteful experiences

Being the first one to discover the secrets of mixing pure ingredients with the traditional tastes and the international trends and also emphasizing on research and innovation, Venetis, offers continuously new tasteful experiences and services, mapping the Greek gastronomy. During the last five years the company has created more than 500 unique new different products.

Changing the history of bakery

Venetis, being the leader of the Greek market, discovered and reacted to the changing consumer needs of the present, as people tend to work utill late hours and being unable to follow a proper nutritional plan.

Consequently during the past 10 years, Veneti makes the difference in the Greek gastronomy, focusing on pastry , bakery and confectionary . The launching of two new, innovative bakery concepts, VENETIS FOOD HALL and VENETIS 1948, alters once and foremost the identity of the bakery image in Greece.

Devoted to pure ingredients and respect to bread, the classical bakeries transformed to a “multi-dimensional” place of “holistic”, tasteful experience offered daily; Numerous breakfast proposals, unique coffee blends, delicious desserts and homemade food inspired by the Greek cuisine.

The FirstBakeryfranchise store in Greece

Being the first Bakery Company that launched the Franchise method, nowadays VENETIS has become the first choice for professionals who desire to create their own bakery businesses.

Αwide Branches Network

Today, after 7 decades of continuous development, VENETIS has expanded its business activities to “closed” and “open” markets, having developed a wide network, with over 110 locations.

Furthermore, the company expanding to new markets, recently launched 5 new stores according to international standards and specifications in the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos.

Building the facilities and setting the Quality standards for the future

– Modern production facilities located in Likovrysi, Attica,with an overall production area of 14.000 square meters, meeting the highest quality standards.

– Unit of 10.000 square meters located in Thessaloniki.

– Area of 50 acres located in Voiotia. New operation unit under construction.

– A complete quality control system, adapted to all production zones as well as to all the Veneti chain.

Subsidiaries Companies

-CALIFORNIA FOODS AE A company active in “closed” markets, especially by operating food courts in major educational institutions, sports facilities and private enterprises. California Foods business except from Athens, has expanded throughout Greece in cities like Ioannina, Patra and Thessaloniki, offering its products daily to approximately 20.000 consumers. Between 2017-2019, it was a strategic partner of the Athens Festival, offering its services to the Herodeion.

-FIRST CLASS AE Trading company of yeast products, active throughout Greece. With more than 200 products, FIRST CLASS vigorously claims the first place in quality, service and variety of products, as it can meet the high demands of every professional, in the field of bakery and mass catering (HORECA).

VENICE ΒΟUTIQUE CATERING A catering company focused on offering high standard catering services.

CREMERIA (2022) The company is developing new business ideas, in the field of catering with the creation of the new Cremeria Dairy and penetrating the delivery only markets with the new project Dark Kitchen, with quality burgers and pizzas.