The relationship of Greek people with gastronomy, in particular bakery products, is ancient. In Modern times, the bakery technique in Epirus, in Northern Greece was developed into real art, famous not only in Greece but also in the wider Mediterranean.

Today, Greek bakers are considered amongst the top ones all over the world in making white bread.

In 1948, Georgios Venetis, a young baker from Epirus, came to Athens and opened his first VENETI shop. Today, the company has a leading position in the production, trafficking and selling of food products.  

Combining tradition with evolution, Mediterranean with international flavours and top quality with the best possible variety of products, the company is a leader in the Greek market, shaping the field of taste in Greece.   

VENETI Company, always a pioneer, established in 2010 and 2013 two new shop concepts: VENETI FOOD HALL and VENETI 1948.  An innovative Greek idea, appearing for the first time in the international map of taste, these pioneer shops operating as “MULTI-PURPOSE TASTE COURTS” absolutely successfully incorporate and manage many different taste concepts: bread, food, coffee, desert, ice-cream, fresh juices. In this way, they cover any and all diet and taste needs of the customers, throughout the day. 

The result of the specific business opening was that the company showed spectacular growth in the middle of deep recession.

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