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The tsoureki created especially for the SURVIVOR contestants,

available at all VENETIS stores.

TSOUREK VENET, the new top product with the quality signature of VENETIS, designed specifically for SURVIVOR players, is now available in all VENETIS stores!

Based on an authentic Constantinople recipe, the tsoureki that amazed Saint Dominic aimed to meet the special nutritional needs of the competitors. Using pure ingredients and rich in real chocolate and nuts, it achieved the ideal combination of enjoyment, extra strength, and energy.

In the famous television game, TSOUREK VENET was given as a prize to the winning team of the “Celebrities.” However, it is an ideal proposal for anyone looking for an exceptional, high-nutrient snack that will support them in the fast pace of everyday life, providing unique moments of pleasure.

Even for parents who want to offer their little “Warriors” the best snack without compromising on enjoyment, TSOUREK VENET is a unique choice.

A few words about the VENETIS company

VENETIS started its activity in 1948 when the first VENETIS Bakery opened its doors in Kifisia. Since then, the company has played a leading role in the production and distribution of bread and pastry products, with absolute dedication to tradition, quality, and excellent customer service. Today, after 69 years of stable presence and continuous development, VENETIS operates in closed and open markets, having developed an extensive network of stores distributing bread, pastries, and all kinds of bakery, pastry, and related products.”

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