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VENETIS Company, the Major Sponsor of the 5th Half Marathon of the Municipality of Marathon on April 29.

This year, VENETIS is the Major Sponsor of the 5th Half Marathon of the Municipality of Marathon, one of the most historic and symbolic races in our country, giving its name to marathons worldwide.

VENETIS sponsors the 5th Half Marathon of the Municipality of Marathon as part of its broader corporate social responsibility program, with a focus on supporting sports. The company consistently and passionately serves the sporting ideal by actively supporting various sports clubs in our country, such as the women’s volleyball team of Gymnastic Club Kifisia ‘O Iraklis,’ the men’s volleyball team of Athletic Club Kifisia, the football team of Athletic Club Pefki, and many others. The company is also a supporter of every effort of the football team ‘Apollon Smyrnis’ and, especially, the football academies of ‘Apollon Smyrnis,’ supporting the children who will be tomorrow’s sports stars!

Moreover, through its extensive experience in the field of catering, VENETIS has ventured into the production of high nutritional value products, a fact certified by the approximately 17,000 students and athletes —a highly sensitive audience— whom the company nourishes daily.

Taking into account the modern way of life and with a strong sense of responsibility and social care, the company collaborates with nutritionists – dieticians to offer consumers fresh, high nutritional value products. The nutritional value of a product is directly related to the ingredients used in its preparation. VENETIS, with the basic principle of blending pure materials and utilizing the nutritional components of natural products, has created a range of products with passion and, above all, with respect for the consumer and their health, such as:

  • Baked goods of special nutritional value, targeting specific consumer groups who want to use them as more suitable bread for their health care and as a supplement within the framework of a balanced healthy diet.
  • Special varieties of bread, such as bread with omega-3 fatty acids, rarely found in foods and essential for the body’s functioning.
  • Cereal bars. A rich source of iron, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Traditional pies with pure, fresh vegetables and olive oil.
  • Baked goods with Zea flour, rich in magnesium and amino acids for endurance and energy.
  • Fresh juices and smoothies. An excellent source of vitamins and minerals for strengthening and effective hydration of the body.

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