Air and fire…wood and stone…water and flour… ‘Mother Nature’…

With consistent respect to age-old values, VENETIS has re-created the traditional concept of bakery by establishing VENETIS 1948. More enjoyable and delightful than ever, this is  a new generation of stores.

How it all began

1948 was the year when VENETIS bakery was first opened in the Northern suburbs of Athens, in the present region of Kifissia – Nea Erythraia. The aroma of authentic, freshly-baked pastries and loaves flooded the city. Athenians experienced heavenly bakery goods, crafted with respect to tradition, the secrets and the baking techniques of Epirus. Furthermore, VENETIS was the first to bring to Greece North-European dark-bread creations and South-Mediterranean sophisticated delights. This is how we changed the identity and the concept of Greek bakeries forever. 

The rebirth…reviving the traditional wood-fired oven

VENETIS 1948: Reviving history, recreating old taste. In the new VENETIS 1948 store, our people carefully select and use the purest, most natural raw ingredients. Regardless of the high running cost, the wood-fired oven is brought back to life, creating the best, top-quality bread products in the whole of Greece.


The very-best, enthusiastic, and internationally acclaimed bakers coming of Greece and Europe are responsible for coordinating and creating for you a varied, incredible selection of bakery goods from Greece, the rest of Europe as well as every other corner of the world:  traditional Greek, monastery-type, Byzantine, Genovese, Pavè, and Viennese pastry and bread goods.

Other than our special treats, here you can also taste authentic recipes of Italian pizza and peinirli, as well as an exclusive selection of handcrafted, traditional Greek pies, cookies, croissants, brioche, and Viennese sweet treats and cakes, all made with love, passion and high-quality ingredients. Our creations will leave you impressed.  


A distinguished team of Greek chefs headed up by Yannis Tzelepis is responsible for creating unique dishes of the day, cooked with the purest and freshest produce of Greece. Truly homemade meals made with traditional, time-honoured recipes of the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.


The crème de la crème of the inspired pastry chefs are introducing a sophisticated collection of patisseries for those who prefer refined creations. The quality of French sweet pastries and the sophistication of Italian patisserie can both be found here.

Take a moment to appreciate our best desserts, with the Italian signature of CHRISTIANO V: Cakes, Macaroons, Tarts, Parfaits and heavenly treats out of real Belgian chocolate. Chocolate is the star of the show. Our Chocolate Bars, Pralines and Truffles are mouth-watering.


There are many reasons to visit VENETIS 1948 store.  Start and end your day with delightful, aromatic coffee drinks and beverages of all sorts of flavours.

Adopting a refined, eco-friendly aesthetic

Plain, clean lines, and simple, natural building materials.  Wood, stone, glass and steel. Sleek surfaces. A minimalist design entangled with elements of traditional architecture.

Inspired by nature, warm, earthy and eco-friendly colours meet the present-day need for environmental respect and responsibility: our store’s interior and exterior walls are coated with kourasani, a natural, traditional finish plaster that was also used for the walls of Hagia Sofia church in Istanbul.

You see, in VENETIS 1948 design bows before the wisdom of nature.

VENETIS 1948. A place where sophisticated elegance goes hand in hand with the friendly. A delightful, intimate space that appropriates time and history. A place where yesterday meets today. And where new ideas are created for tomorrow. A world full of real flavours, where senses can be indulged without any guilt. Our respect to tradition will sweeten up your heart. Here you can take a break of unparalleled quality from the city’s routine.