VENETIS Bakery Products. Everything one could wish for.

In all VENETIS stores, customers can choose from a wide range of products, freshly prepared every day and at great prices. Exceptional customer care, pure ingredients, and unparalleled freshness are at the heart of our services. We are offering a rich product variety of Sandwiches, Tsoureki (greek sweat), Koulouri, Puff pastries, Croissants, Loukoumades (Doughnuts), sweet treats and desserts, special pastries, but also international and traditional Greek recipes.

In particular, the product range offered by a VENETIS store includes:

  • All bakery products
  • Koulouri, breadsticks, biscuits
  • Crackers, crispbreads
  • Puff pastry pies, croissants
  • Cold sandwiches
  • Desserts and other confectionery products
  • Branded products - frozen pastry
  • Ice cream, ice cream sticks, ice cream cakes
  • Pizzas, peinirli
  • Coffee, beverages
  • Dairy and other chilled products
  • Soft drinks, juices, wine, spirits
  • Traditional Greek meals – Mediterranean cuisine
  • Cookies, muffins
  • Beirut style syrup sweets
  • Loaf cakes
  • Patisserie tarts and mini fruit tartlets

Please note that all our stores provide catering services for all occasions, by offering a range of deliciousoptions our customers can choose from, such as cookies, sweet and savoury bites and nibbles, sandwich platters, mini sandwich selections, assorted loaf cakes, muffins, desserts, birthday cakes etc.


"VENETI Bakery" Bread Products

The oldest bakery, the greatest variety of tastes


"VENETI Bakery" Breakfast

A perfect day starts with a VENETIS breakfast…


"VENETI Bakery" Croissanterie

Savoury or sweet, always irresistible…


"VENETI Bakery" Own-brand Products

VENETIS label, a guarantee of quality.


"VENETI Bakery" Sandwiches

The best you can find…fresh, tasty and healthy!


"VENETI" Meal Menu

Excellent quality at great prices.


"VENETI" Confectionery

Our prices and flavours will sweeten you up.


"VENETI" Gelateria

If home-made ice cream had a name, it would be VENETIS…



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Today, VENETIS has a network of over 70 stores.
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