Where tradition meets innovation lies the heart of the VENETIS group.

The VENETIS group has been in the market since 1948 when it opened the first store ¨Venetis Bakery¨ in Nea Erythraia in Athens. From then until today, the company has been producing and selling bakery, food and confectionery products, with an absolute commitment to tradition, quality and customer service, and is rightfully in the 1st position, as the leading chain of bakeries in Greece. We believe that bread sustains the human heart and this is the basis of her spiritual approach and her philosophy for its quality, preparation and baking.


Since 1994, VENETIS recognized that the franchise is the most dynamic business development model, with excellent efficiency. Today, we complete 75 years of strong presence in the market, with 120 points and 20,000,000 satisfied customers annually, throughout Greece. More mature than ever, the company is on a trajectory of dynamic development, looking ahead and creating new, flexible concepts, affordable investments, bringing to the forefront of the Greek and international market the versatile and smart restaurants of the new generation. The next one could be yours.


  • VENETIS is a Greek, family company, which is close to the franchises.
  • The heritage of the VENETI name is a guarantee due to the production of quality products and the vast experience in the franchise.
  • High Brand Equity: the recognition of the brand is very high, in a significant share of the consumer public.
  • It is the only company that creates its own products, with many years of know-how in their production and distribution.
  • It has a dynamic structure of R&D & NPD departments, which extensively researches the international market and innovates by creating new products and trends.
  • It implements a successful franchise model, knows the needs of franchises and follows a holistic support system.
  • There is proven profitability, which depends entirely on the dynamics of the franchise and his team.

A Great Business Idea
A Dynamically Growing Company


The art of taste and the science of success meet in Venetis!

“When since 1948 you have successfully ‘fermented’ tradition with evolution, you rightfully occupy the first place in the hearts of consumers and the market.”


New, flexible and affordable store model!

The modern concept Veneti-Go! of the Veneti group fills the taste gap in the coffee industry. It is the most trendy and complete coffee & bakery concept in its category.


Become a member of our team and get your own store “VENETI” or VENETI-GO!


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The next store can be yours and change your life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Experience and seniority in the industry is not a prerequisite. However if you have market and industry knowledge it will prove useful. In any case, VENETIS implements a complete and perfect education and training program for you and all your staff, in order to ensure the optimal and most efficient operation of your store.

The amount of the investment depends on the concept you choose and the size of the store. As an example, we mention that for a “VENETIS Bakery” store the total investment starts from €300,000 for Attica and €400,000 for the province, while for ‘Veneti-Go!’ the investment starts from €120,000.

The Franchise Agreement of VENETIS lasts as many years as the Lease Agreement of the property. After the expiration, there is a possibility of renewal, if both parties so wish.

Yes. The company provides geographic area exclusivity based on a map, which ensures that only the specific partner has the right to open a store within the boundaries of his area.

In the VENETIS Franchise system, all stores are designed by the Department of Architects and Engineers, with the aim of ensuring the homogeneity of our corporate image, optimal functionality, but also the overall customer experience, which contributes to the maximum performance of the franchisee. The company provides the partner with detailed and complete instructions and specifications for design, configuration, spatial organization, signage, merchandising and mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment of the store. The construction can be done, either by cooperating technical companies of VENETIS, or by proposed workshops of the Franchisee, always ensuring the application of the specifications of the concept and model of VENETIS stores. A necessary condition is that the architectural study and the plans of the store are done exclusively by our internal Technical Department.

Arming the partner franchisees with strong advantages, the group ensures the success and profitability of the business units, as long as there is full harmonization and integration into the VENETIS system. With a multi-level and well-organized internal structure, the parent company provides ongoing training, comprehensive support and continuous business guidance to new franchisees, through the smooth running of its departments. Specifically, each new franchise partner enjoys:

  1. Property Finding / Appraisal & Architectural Design
  2. Initial Training of the franchisee and his/her team of associates
  3. R&D + NPD: Research & Development along with New Product Creation
  4. Support Network from Area Managers (production of products, beverages, store operation)
  5. Advertising and Communication
  6. Marketing Support: Marketing Support
  7. Ongoing staff training
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