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The modern concept Veneti-Go! of the Veneti group fills the taste gap in the coffee industry. It is the most trendy and complete coffee & bakery concept in its category. Created to answer the need for on-the-go quality grab & go! Veneti-Go! offers delight to lovers of good coffee and tasty and quality snacks. Synonym of Veneti-Go! is ease and delight: delectable croissants, juicy bites, fluffy pizza, and fresh sandwiches with rich fillings, paired with fresh juices, aromatic coffee, as well as a variety of small pastries that caress our palate and leave us completely satisfied, every moment of the day.

This impressive combination of tradition with contemporary trends of the era and the upbeat culture provides franchisees with a modern, affordable and attractive concept that captivates consumers and ensures success for themselves.

Philosophy grab & go Design & Style

There is a wide variety of products, individually or in bite-sized pieces, for convenience and more affordable prices, while one can also find some healthier options for guilt-free enjoyment.

Veneti-Go! it changes style and transforms based on time zones. In the morning, the aroma of coffee and freshly baked bagels fills the air, at noon colorful salads and fluffy sandwiches come out, and in the afternoon, delicious cookies await.

The environment, space and design are characterized by the following:

  • Modern, smart, and highly functional layout that supports speedy service.
  • Cutting-edge, state-of-the-art coffee machines.
  • Intensive use of technology, both inside the store and outside, so that its customers are ‘networked’
  • Relaxing modern lighting, pleasant music and a nice aroma of fresh baking

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The audience of our stores consists mainly of young individuals who are constantly on the move and don’t have time to prepare their coffee or quick on-the-go meals. Gen Zs and Millennials are primarily the age group that attracts Veneti-Go!. Students, university students, professionals, young couples, freelancers, and all those living in the fast-paced modern life will undoubtedly choose the name VENETIS, without excluding consumers from different age groups who know us and trust us! This translation has preserved the intended meaning while ensuring grammatical correctness in English.

The new business model includes the key success factors:

  • It is affordable and flexible.
  • It is a safe, low-risk investment, due to the heritage and recognition of the VENITIS name.
  • It is profitable.
  • The catering industry in Greece remains a dynamically growing sector, thanks to the temperament and distinctive characteristics of the Greek consumer.


VENETIS is a Greek, family-owned business that supports its franchisees. The heritage of the name is a guarantee, due to the production of quality products and extensive experience in the franchise. The VENETIS group redefines innovation and quality, focusing even more on trust, meaningful service and human contact. The Veneti-Go team:

  • It researches consumer habits and designs products to meet customer needs before they express them.
  • It focuses on guest experience and human relationships and operates on the CX BMI (customer experience business model innovation) model.
  • It has been applying, for years, the grab & go logic and evolving it to the next level, with services that impress and exceed customer expectations.
  • Speed, connection, relationship of trust, personalized service and enjoyable experience are synonymous with Veneti-Go!.
  • The stores have a style and style that is modern, contemporary, minimal, upbeat, optimistic.
  • There is a strong use of technology inside and outside the store and there is a constant digital connection with customers.


Your own VenetiGo store!

We are looking for people with a pleasant and dynamic personality who have decided to create their own business. Enthusiasm and eagerness for work, love for the catering industry and the grab & go trend are some of the elements that prove to be useful supplies.

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4. You will be presented with the concept and you will see the financial data.

5. The cooperation framework and the Franchise contract will be discussed.

The next Veneti-Go! it can be yours and change your life!

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