VENETIS 1948. THE REGENERATION Air and fire…wood and stone…water and flour…”Mother Nature”. An age-old truth that has always been respected by the VENETIS company now seems to be reborn stronger and more delightful than ever in VENETIS 1948.
The first of a new generation of stores.

The birth 1948, the year the first VENETI oven opens in the Northern Suburbs of Athens, in the present-day Kifisia-Nea Erythraia. The area is filled with the aroma of freshly baked, authentic bread, and Athens tastes creations that respect tradition and harbor all the secrets of Epirotic art. VENETIS, however, is certainly the one that introduces for the first time in Greece the dark North European breads and the refined ones of the Mediterranean South, truly changing the concept and the overall image of the Greek bakery.

The Regenaration… the traditional wood-fired oven comes back to life. VENETIS 1948 The history of taste returns to where it began and literally revives. In the new store in Kifisia, VENETIS 1948 its people select and use the purest, natural raw materials. Revitalizing wood-fired ovens, disregarding their high operational costs, with the aim of creating the finest bakery products in our country.

ARTISAN BAKERY. Inspired, selective bakers from Greece and Europe, with international distinctions, lead and craft a unique variety of bakery products for you every day. From every region of Greece and the rest of Europe, from every corner of the world, our artisans create an unparalleled array of bakery delights. Traditional Greek, Monastic, Byzantine, Genovese, Pavé, Viennese Artisan Breads. But besides the distinctive artisanal creations, here you will discover: authentic Italian pizza, peinirli, and a special variety of handmade, traditional Greek pies. Cookies, croissants, brioche, Viennese pastries, cakes. Products crafted with passion and dedication, with exceptional raw materials and results that delight.

GASTRONOMY. A team of renowned Greek chefs led by Giannis Tzelepis creates unique daily dishes from the purest and freshest product of the Greek land. Authentic homemade food with the traditional-honored recipes of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

PATISSERIE CHRISTIANO V presents the crème de la crème of inspired creations, a series of highly refined delights. The quality of French and the finesse of Italian pastry artistry come together here. At the pinnacle of taste are offerings bearing the Italian signature of CHRISTIANO V. Cakes, Macarons, Tarts, Parfaits, and unique creations from exquisite Belgian chocolate. Bars, Pralines, Truffles inundate the palate, making chocolate the unrivaled queen in the realm of sweetness.

CAFÉ VENETI There are many reasons to visit VENETIS 1948. Coffees, beverages, flavors, and aromas to start your mornings wonderfully, continue, and beautifully conclude your day.

With high aesthetics and environmental respect. Simple, clean lines. Unpretentious, natural materials. Wood, stone, glass, steel. Purity in surfaces. Minimalistic design with elements of traditional architecture. Warm, earthy colors, ecologically sourced, directly from nature, reflecting modern requirements for human and environmental respect. For the coating of external and internal walls, Courasani, a natural, ancient material found in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. You see, in VENETIS 1948 even space bows to the wisdom of nature.

«VENETIS 1948». A sensation of refined taste that doesn’t compete with familiarity. A welcoming culinary place that turns time into a friend. The past blends with the present, shaping ideas for tomorrow. Authentic aromas persuade with their genuineness. Senses surrender without dietary guilt. Respect fills people with sweetness. And daily life in the city takes a brief pause of unparalleled quality. 

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