Our purpose is to ensure that VENETIS provides the highest standards of quality, food safety and customer satisfaction. In accordance with the strict requirements specified by the International model ELOT E ISO 220000: 2018 certificated by RTA – HELLA LTD CERTIFICATION BODY, throughout the company’s structure and procedures we are implementing a Quality Management System (QMS). Through the implementation of EU guidelines and the Food and Drink Code of Practice, this System ensures that the highest standards of product quality and safety are met consistently.

VENETIS is committed to fully implementing all hygiene rules during the supply, production, storage and distribution phases of its products.

Before reaching the shelves of our stores, all VENETIS Bakery Products undergo daily, rigorous inspections and tests in order to maintain compliance with the company’s strict regulations.

At the same time and prior to final selection, our suppliers undergo a series of rigorous evaluation checks.

In all the VENETIS stores, daily checks are performed from the delivery of raw materials until the sale of all final products. By complying with the highest standards of quality, food safety and hygiene, we make sure that all necessary inspection records (daily temperature checks, hygiene inspections etc.) are maintained by properly trained personnel (these are trained in accordance with the VENETIS HACCP system regulations as well as the Main Guidelines for Hygiene and Food Safety established by the Hellenic Food Authority).

In addition, our experienced personnel are regularly carrying out internal audits and routine store inspections (scheduled for at least once a week for each store), while highly trained scientific experts on food safety matters are monitoring the implementation and the performance of the VENETIS HACCP system.