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182,794 portions of food from VENETIS to “We Can” in 2020


182,794 portions of food from VENETIS
in “We Can” in 2020

182,794 portions of food were offered in 2020 by the VENETIS company to the “Rescue and Food Offering” network of “We Can”, supporting the message “No portion of food wasted”.

The VENETIS company, recognizing the great needs of the Greek society, has been cooperating with “We Can” since 2012, having so far offered over 2,000,000 portions of food.

In the context of the social offer, it is also recalled that the company has established since 2010 the action “From the Heart of VENETIS“: In all VENETIS stores every day after 22.00, the leftover products of the day are offered free of charge to those in need.

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