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Christmas in VENETIS and at your place through the Wolt app


Christmas in VENETIS

Kourabiedes, melomacarona, Vasilopita cakes

at your place through the Wolt application

Christmas, andVENETIS Bakery, offers a series of delicious tasting suggestions for the holidays. This year, VENETI Christmas productscan also be sent to consumers, through the Woltapplication, while from December 28,online orders will also be made for VENETISVasilopitescakes.

Fresh traditional Kourabiedes, mousse chocolat kourabiedes with chocolate filling and kourabiedes covered in milk chocolate compete in taste with the delicious traditional VENICE honey melomacarona with walnut and honey. The variety of melomacarona is enriched with mini melomacarona and other creative recipes such as melomacarona with chocolate coating and grated pistachio or melomacarona with milk chocolate coating and grated walnut.

VENETIS welcomes 2021 with a variety of Vasilopita cakes: macaron Vasilopita cake with pomegranate flavor and white chocolate coating, Vasilopita cake with orange flavor or Vasilopita cake with milk chocolate coating. The variety is completed by the almond Vasilopita cake based on the traditional recipe of the Vasilopita cake with almond pieces, the traditional tsoureki Vasilopita cake with bun dough and the main ingredients machete and mastic and the Smyrna Vasilopita cake based on a traditional Smyrna recipe with cinnamon, cloves and meringue coating.

The festive delights are complemented by traditional and twisted diples as well as three types of kormos: chestnut-flavoured, Christmas almond and Christmas Swiss roll Zabaglione.

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