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Throughout our successful journey in the franchise sector, we have established new standards in the field. By consistently investing in people, technical infrastructure, as well as new ideas and innovations, we increasingly gain the trust of consumers who rely on one of the strongest brands in the industry.

This reality, combined with a proven framework of systematic and coordinated support actions, serves as the best guarantee for our further development and for every potential franchisee choosing to join our impressive journey. Our supportive actions not only constitute sources of competitive advantages but also provide security benefits for the investment of each new partner.

Our company (the Franchisor) does not limit itself to offering various services only before the store’s operation begins. We provide services for the store’s launch and throughout the duration of the contractual relationship.
Site Assessment and Selection

Relying on the judgment and experience of our specialized personnel, the company advises the franchisee during the assessment and selection process of their store. Factors considered for location assessment include population density, demographic data, traffic patterns, market statistics, the presence of commercial centers, competition, store development, store types, building purchase or lease costs, and other relevant factors.

Initial Training

The company provides each new franchisee with a training program lasting 60-90 days, and at least 60 days for their staff. This program covers the specific needs of each collaborator and various aspects of operating a “VENETIS” store, including management, operations, administration, accounting, marketing, customer service, sales, preparation, product, hygiene rules, etc.

The company covers the costs of general education, materials, and all technical training tools. However, the franchisee bears the costs of living, food for themselves and their staff, as well as any other expenses during the training program. Candidates are not entitled to compensation during the training period. It’s crucial to emphasize that the training process for the VENETI franchise system is an ongoing procedure that lasts as long as the collaboration.

Store Configuration Guidelines and Specifications

The company provides detailed instructions and specifications for the design, configuration, organization, signage, merchandising, and the mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment of the store. The franchisee is responsible for the expenses related to architectural studies, supervision, configuration materials, construction, signage, equipment, and any other construction, configuration, and equipment costs.

Store Organization and Operation Support

Specialized personnel regularly visit all network stores to provide support and address problems and malfunctions. A detailed description of the operation support process is included later in the document.

Comprehensive marketing programs and promotional activities are regularly designed and implemented to increase sales, promote, strengthen, and showcase the products, services, reputation, and competitiveness of the Network. Simultaneously, the franchisor is supported and guided on advertising, customer attraction, and public relations for their store at the local level.

Central Supplies

Franchisees benefit from the central supply and procurement system developed by the company, through which partners can quickly and competitively obtain the products of the provider as well as those of approved third-party suppliers in the network. This capability allows the partner to focus undistracted on monitoring and operating their store and providing upgraded services to their customers.

Store Operation and Network Control

During the Franchise Agreement, the franchisee, in ensuring the quality of products and services offered to the consumer public, as well as the unified and uniform operation of the franchise system:

A) Communicates to the Franchisor the principles, specifications, and guidelines related to the economic, accounting, and commercial organization of the store. Communication with the Franchisor is carried out through visits by executives, printed or electronic materials, and circulars.
B) Advises and periodically updates the Franchisor on the operation of the store.

C) Provides the Franchisor with Operation Manuals, prepared for use by the Franchisees regarding their stores. These manuals include information related to the store’s operations, including, among other things, operation forms/processes, business operation descriptions, human resource management, merchandise ordering methods, business and pricing policies, and other managerial and advertising methods.

D) Exclusively provides, at wholesale catalog prices, packaging materials, wrapping, bags, marketing materials, etc., to the Franchisor.

E) Communicates to the Franchisor specifications and instructions regarding mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer equipment, etc.
The franchisee operates their store, at their own expense and responsibility, daily, without interruption on Sundays and holidays, from 05:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (including the preparation of the store) according to the specifications set by the franchisor. Divergence from the schedule or days of operation of the store, due to special local conditions, is only possible upon written consent of the Franchisor. The Franchisor, with the aim of verifying the uniform and consistent application by individual stores in the franchise system, the faithful application of the principles, specifications, and guidelines, as well as to ensure the high quality and standard of the products and services offered by the network stores, is entitled to conduct inspections of the network stores through representatives and inspectors. These inspectors prepare an Inspection Report, in which they note their observations and findings.

The Franchisee submits a monthly report to the Franchisor, which includes sales volume, statistics on transactions with customers, information on local competition, as well as other information that may be useful to the Franchisor and the system.

Also, as part of telephone contacts and regular visits by inspectors and representatives of the franchisor to the network stores, basic services are provided to franchisees, such as:

  • Support for required public relations and local advertising efforts,
  • monitoring industry developments and providing information about the competition,
  • proposal of solutions and identification of problems and malfunctions,
  • support for human resource management operation,
  • including the identification of training needs, on-site training, or the organization of relevant seminars, and support for commercial operation, etc.

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