International Franchise

Interest for International Development

Whether you have food service experience or not, the ingredient we value the most is your enthusiasm for bringing fresh new tastes and a world-class venue to the area you are interested in developing VENETIS.

We are looking for owner operators who are passionate about VENETIS and its products and are also excited about sharing the unique VENETIS experience with each person that walks through the doors of their stores.

Our franchise partners should be able not only to share but also to strengthen our commitment to quality, simplicity, conviviality and service.

  • Candidates who are highly passionate about our brand and our values. The ideal franchise candidate must believe in our brand and everything it stands for.
  • Candidates who preferably have food industry experience as an owner/operator or manager with P&L responsibility.
  • Candidates who have sound entrepreneurial experience, a proven ability to lead both teams and executive staff and an ability to inspire action and lead with ethical business practices.
  • Candidates with strong relational and commercial skills.
  • Candidates who have the capacity to develop their skills in more than one store.
  • To be considered for a VENETI franchise, we require that you have the financial and management resources necessary to develop and maintain multiple stores.

    Our minimum qualifications apply to all new franchise candidates. It is important to protect the integrity of our brand and ensure that as we continue to grow, we will maintain our high standards for quality and operational excellence.

    These standards are in place to perpetuate the continued success of VENETI and all of our franchisees.

    Here are the details of our requirement/criteria:

    • Financial capability of the prospective franchisee that will allow him to fully finance the development of the brand in the area of interest.
    • Provide proof of financing from a bank or other financial institution.
    • Preferred food industry, business and marketing experience.
    • Willingness to adhere to the VENETI systems and brand marketing standards.
    • Down payment equal to 50% of the franchise fee upon the signing of the Master Franchise Agreement.
    • Must have in depth knowledge of the geographical area in question.
    • The desired development zone meets the requirements of VENETI’s strategic network.