Join the Most Successful Chain in the Industry

The company “VENETIS INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL FOOD COMPANY SA” operates in accordance with Greek laws and is headquartered in Lykovrysi, Attica, at 9 Agias Paraskevis Street. 9. VENETIS offers those who meet the necessary requirements (Franchisees) the right to operate a store with special specifications and design for the sale of products known as ‘VENETIS Bakery’ at a specific location, to be chosen by the franchisee and approved by the franchisor, using the Franchising System.

These also encompass an entire philosophy continually developed and modernized by the “Franchisor”. This philosophy includes, among other things, original know-how, the registered trademark, distinctive features, stereotypes, as well as specifications and terms for certain products and procedures, for their facilities and organization, for the store’s operation, and finally, for the business and administrative methods applied. The products and services offered by “VENETIS” stores constitute the integrated franchise system (package) “VENETIS” characterizing the VENETIS distribution network.

The integrated franchise system of the Franchisor has gained an excellent reputation in Greece and abroad, and tremendous customer attraction power (Good Will). The proper functioning of the franchise is based on exemplary consistency and uniformity among the operating stores in Greece under the distinctive title “VENETIS”, both in terms of internal and external appearance, as well as in terms of service provision, operation, and organization.

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