International Franchise

The Process-Timeline

  1. The application– Get in touch with us by submitting an application and help us to learn more about you.
  1. Initial meeting– Once we receive your application and all of our pre-qualifications are met, the VENETIS International franchise development team will contact you to set up a meeting where we can discuss your interest, answer questions and explore all the possibilities for a cooperation.
  1. Franchise candidate due diligence– We hope after our initial meeting we have given you a clearer vision of VENETIS. We will leave you and hope you will do your diligence which should give you a better understanding of our business and franchise model. Once you are ready to move forward, we will ask you to submit your financial verification and background authorization..
  1. Discovery day and executive meeting– After spending time reviewing your franchise application and a thorough due diligence, you will be invited to our headquarters to attend a Discovery Day where you will meet with our VENETIS International team. During this time, we will request to review background and financial information. You will also have the opportunity to pay a field visit to several of our stores.
  1. Final review and approval – With the final approvals (financial and background authorization) from our Executive team, we will present to you our Franchise Agreement.
  1. Signing of Master Franchise Agreement – Our legal team can assist you with any clarifications you may need in order to understand better all the terms of the contract.
  1. Site and training – As soon as we approve a location proposed by you, that meets all of our requirements, and after you sign the lease, you will begin an extensive 12-16 week training at our facilities in Athens. Where you will be provided with all the knowledge & hands on training in preparation for your store opening.
  1. The grand opening – In order to prepare for the opening day of your store, our VENETIS International team will work with you to help get everything set. From final store training (soft opening), local store marketing support to grand opening preparation, we’ll be there with you each step of the way.