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VENETIS CATERING/Café-Restaurant K. Parthenis & Café Ilissos

VENETIS CATERING/Café-Restaurant K. Parthenis & Café Ilissos

National Gallery

The Venetis Boutique Catering company belongs to the VENETIS Group of Companies and was created to provide high standard catering services headed by Executive Chef Jean Louis Capsalas.

– Café Restaurant K. Parthenis
The name was given in honor of the painter Konstantinos Parthenis

The Café Restaurant K. Parthenis is located on the third floor of the B’ building of the National Gallery, with impressive glass walls around the perimeter, offering an unobstructed view of the city of Athens. The visitor can enjoy food with dishes that change according to the season and the available raw materials, fine Greek wines, coffee, drinks, cool juices, breakfast or brunch.

Café Ilissos is located under the foyer of the main entrance of the National Gallery, in the garden with the canal and scattered sculptures. It is an all day café that offers, in addition to drinks, fresh sandwiches, sweets and salads. Both spaces follow the opening hours of the National Gallery.

The “Ilisos” refreshment bar and the “Parthenis” restaurant will operate simultaneously during the opening hours of the Art Gallery. However, the two areas can operate beyond the opening hours of the Gallery, as they have separate entrances.


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