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Ice Cream Parfait Christiano V at VENETIS

Truly… Parfait ice cream

For the summer months, VENETIS recommends two delicious, refreshing flavors of Parfait Christiano V! Blending with passion and art rich, pure ingredients such as fresh milk, fresh cream, caramelized almonds, and sweet spoon sweets, VENETIS offers the most authentic Chocolate and Cream Parfait.

The two renowned flavors of Parfait Christiano V are available in all VENETIS stores, in packages of 650 grams (chocolate) and 600 grams (cream). At VENETIS Food Hall, one can also find Parfait Christiano V in a cone format, with flavors such as chocolate, cream, pistachio, and strawberry.

A few words about the VENETIS company

VENETIS started its activity in 1948 when the first VENETIS Bakery opened its doors in Nea Erythraia. Since then, the company has played a leading role in the production and distribution of bread and pastry products, with absolute commitment to tradition, quality, and excellent customer service. Today, after closing 65 years of steady presence and continuous development, VENETIS operates in both closed and open markets, having developed an extensive network of stores distributing bakery products, sweets, and all kinds of bakery, confectionery, and related items.

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