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Low Glycemic Index Bread

BREAD with a low glycemic index

Bread with a low glycemic index (54) and low in sugars (2g/100g). Comparing this bread with white bread (according to the tables USDA) we will see that GLYXBROT bread contains 13g of protein/100g, while white bread contains only 8g of protein/100g. It is also important that it contains 6g of vegetable fiber/100g, when white bread has 2.33g of vegetable fiber/100g of product.

Regarding the glycemic index, it is important to mention that foods with a high glycemic index are associated with obesity and increased intra-abdominal fat. The lower the glycemic index of a food, the better it is digested, causing mild insulin secretion and protecting against sudden changes in blood sugar. Mild insulin secretion allows the body to achieve greater lipolysis and burn fatty acids, providing protection to glycogen. This product contains, wheat flour, which is rich in B-complex vitamins, supporting the proper functioning of the nervous system. Moreover, the wheat flour it contains is rich in nutritional value due to the gluten it contains. It is important to emphasize that gluten is a protein of very good quality. Vegetable fibers contribute to the proper functioning of the intestine, protect against cardiovascular diseases by promoting the elimination of cholesterol, and reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol. They also help maintain stable blood sugar levels.

The scientific editing is carried out by the MEDIDIATROFI scientific group of dietitians.

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