Products with Nutritional Value

Venetian with Carob

A special nutritional proposal from Venetis Bakery.
A star product in taste and nutrition. Careful ingredients to fill you with flavor but also to give a different nutritional note to your life.
It is a special product due to the presence of carob flour. Carob is a particularly important product of nature. Also important for the base of the product is the wholemeal barley flour. Something very common but not insignificant that is used for the preparation of the product is the natural orange juice, which also gives a delightful taste. The product also contains raisins and cinnamon, in quantities that leave a wonderful taste. Another ingredient of this product is cloves. A product that gives the present to a multitude of products for thousands of years. Finally, an ingredient of this product that gives the most important touch to the food is sesame.

The scientific editing is carried out by the MEDIDIATROFI scientific group of dietitians.

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