International Franchise


With a refined system that is based on years of foodservice, business development, and franchising experience, we make sure our franchise owners have the necessary tools and support they need to run a happy and rewarding business.

Start-Up Assistance

To ensure optimal location and consistency of brand design and appearance of VENETIS stores must be done::

  • Site selection and detailed designed guidance.
  • Equipment and inventory procurement.
  • Assistance with ordering initial inventories.
  • Introduction to Greek and international vendors/suppliers with whom VENETIS has formed longstanding alliances.

Training and Ongoing support

All franchisees receive top notch training from our team of expert bakers, pastry chefs and field operation managers.

  • Pre-opening theoretical training programs at our corporate training center as well as on the job training for operating principles for store managers, production managers and bakers in our stores in Athens.
  • Management training for the store and production managers.
  • On site assistance from a VENETI representative who will help you get your store up and running; written evaluations will outline any required action plans to improve operations.
  • Ongoing support which may include refresher training, remote support and updated recipes, new packaging, marketing materials and more-to help you keep your business fresh and relevant.
  • Continuous guidance and evaluation of the operations of the franchisor’s stores. Based on the respective evaluations, detailed action plans will be prepared for areas that need improvement.

Training Materials

  • Confidential operations manual that details key daily business functions including the important areas of inventory control, bakery procedures, sales techniques, customer service and more.
  • Access to exclusive proprietary doughs and recipes for all the VENETI products through our confidential recipes manuals.

Technology Tools

VENETI recommends a very efficient, user friendly POS software for processing customer orders, tracking inventory, computing taxes, handling coupons and gift loyalty cards and uploading data to corporate; A system that simplifies the daily operations, inventory management and other important tasks.

In addition, all the franchisees have the opportunity to use a simple, user friendly and efficient ordering platform.

Advertising and Marketing

The VENETI Marketing team, provides creative assets that include files for in-store point-of-sale materials, menu templates, signage, promotional guidelines and all types of marketing materials that will help you reach your community and conform to the established VENETI image.

Through the VENETI marketing platform, all franchisees have access to all of the available marketing, operational, development and purchasing materials.